A delicious start to the day

Whether freshly sliced or prepared à la minute: A good day begins with a great breakfast! Our extensive buffet offers everything your heart and taste buds desire:

Breakfast buffet

A delight for cheese lovers

Smoked Cheese or swiss monastery cheese, french Brie or Nutcheese, and regional cheese… All of these and more await you on our cheese board!

Breakfast buffet

Nothing but the finest

We also cater for guests who prefer a savoury start to the day. Tuck into a variety of saxon sausage specialties including smoked rolled fillet of ham, salami and beef cracker, Rügenwalder spreading sausage, and fine liver sausage.

Breakfast buffet

Fresh and fit

Do you prefer a lighter, healthier option in the morning? If so, you can look forward to our selection of mueslis and cereals served with milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Breakfast buffet

Fresh from the baker’s

Our selection of freshly baked delicacies and oven-fresh croissants is sure to include your favourite type of bread or roll. A wide range of jams and honeys will sweeten the start to your day, and diet options are naturally also available.